Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Visit to Immigration office in Subang Jaya.

On monday i went to the immigration office in subang to apply for a passport for my mom. As usual i went bought the form followed by photocopy the ic and taking a picture.After all this have been done we have to take a number to wait for our turn.Hmmm there suppose to be 6 counters that taking in all the new application but there was only one available.As i waited two more counters started to operate.The officers actually take less then 3 minutes for every applicants but they take more than 10-15 minutes before they could call for a new one.They work damn slow and on top of that they can have their fun time chit chatting to one another,walking away from their counter go to the other and talk about the food she had for lunch(i heard that)that was really pissing me off.After a long wait my number appeared i brought my mom to the counter and she took my moms old passport and then she started to talk with her the lady next to her and she told me sorry my computer cannot deal with the old passport my computer is just for the new ones.So i asked then why dont u label the counter saying for new passport and for the old one.She kept quiet for a while and then she said no problem the counter next to mine will be able to do it i said fine went to next counter.The lady in the next counter said can u wait for another two numbers to pass by and then i will call u.We waited then again we were called and this time the process went smoothly .I thanked god for that and told my myself at last im going to get out of the place but no that didnt happen i was told to wait to pay in another counter and another long wait.This is worse they suppose to have two counters but end up having one and the officer in charge was not there.Damn my head like going to blow up anytime.After sometime i lost it i just went to counter and said is there anyone who actually work here the lady in counter got shocked and replied how can i help you then i told i got sick and tired of waiting and there is no efficiency.S he said some of the staff were absent that and craps and more craps. It took me one whole day to get a passport done.This problem does not only happen in immigration office but also in every government office.The officers take things for granted and do not deliver their service to people.Whose fault is this goverments or the officers,the PSD who took this officers to work or is it us or is it our culture to work this way???????????????