Sunday, August 17, 2008

Its not our war.

I think all of us are vey familiar with the latest news regarding the 10% quota entrance to non-bumiputera that have been suggested by the Selangor MB.The students of that varsity took this matter to the streets and also the Umno minister and the high council members of umno. Lets think about what is actually happening, from the way i see both parties are trying to get their political mileage.As a malaysian non-bumi i feel this is not our war.This is the war between the umno led goverment and the PKR leaders.We should just stay out and wait for the result.I am personally not in favour of both parties...why? This is why few years back this is the government which actually OPENED 10% of MRSM to the non-bumi's and what is the problem now its just the same drill why cant the Umno people cant accept it now? Is it just because the opposition leader said so???? Selangor MB on the other hand just making popular statements to earn that extra mileage.Like my good friend Mr.Kamalanathan have told why should we be the rats between two elephants....i definitly agree...its the bumiputera's war let them solve it we will just wait and see the outcome.Before ending this i would like to say something to mr.karepu who commented in my previous article we are not the umno's slave and we are not going to be umno's slave.