Saturday, September 27, 2008


MR.Thanenthiran with all my respect please do think before you make any statement .Just don’t make populi statements. You have no bloody right to condemn DATO SRI Samy Vellu for any reason.What have you done for our community and that will be nothing. Prove that you are actually doing something not only talking because everyone can talk but only some will actually get down to the field to work.Take a second and think there is definitely some part of your life or your family members life that MIC have helped along the road.Why people like you would not want to mention the things that you benefited from and only like to highlight the one that didn’t, isn’t that being hypocrite. If you cant do anything for the community might as well just take a step back rather than condemning others.Let your service or your action speak more than the useless word that you uttered when you feel bored in your blogspot.But yes, I think you have met your target to make popular statements because people are talking about and just to let you they think it is stupid as well. I would like state a saying “dogs always like to chase the car but once they manage to do so they don’t know what to do with them but the car continues to the destiny”.Please try to be the car next time.