Monday, December 1, 2008

scrap vernacular schools!! Anything wrong with you datuk??

When i open online newspaper today i got a shock to know that datuk mukhriz made statement that vernacular schools should be scraped. The reason was to create unity and get rid of racism and at the same time there was also stated that 99% of the countries in the world practised a single school system.Great yup what happened to that "SEKOLAH WAWASAN THAT WE STARTED". Datuk with all the respect what is the great difference that we could do scraping all this vernacular school before 1957 and even till 1970's most of the malaysian citizen were in vernacular schools and at that point of time there was no racism or even "ketuanan melayu" have been questioned but all this happens now where the number of vernacular schools are dropping and the students that entering these vernacular schools are also tumbling down so how do you even relate this thing.Are you running out of ideas??? I would like to believe that all the issues regarding race,religion and culture were brought in by the english men to rule us if you still remember the term "pecah perintah" and is the same thing some third rated politicians using it for they own benefits now.If you say 99% of the countries in the world practice a single school system the why dont we follow everything comparing us with the rest of the globe.Scrap political party which only represent one race,scrap quota system,scrap 2 different judiciary system,scrap NEP,scrap money politics,scrap dirty politics and then think about scraping vernacular school!!! Dont let our new generation lose their root and the culture.Its a just language let everyone have their right to learn their mother tongue!!!

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